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ztaZombie Temp Agency (ZTA) is a zomedy (popular zombie comedy) that takes the inhuman face of the massive Temporary Labor complex and adds a brain chewing body to it. In a world with no firm labor union commitment and with increasing layoffs and job uncertainty, ZTA is uniquely relevant even among zombie movies known for such zeitgeist tapping. Combining the comedy of shows like "The Office" with the manic zombie energy of Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle's film 28 days later, ZTA takes on the modern corporate structure where workers are treated like the walking dead, and spins a classic boy-meets girl redemption tale.


zombie temp agencyOur hero is the typical smooth office slacker who spends his time looking for love and clocking a meaningless job. When his best friend doesn't show up for work, and the Temp workers start chewing on flesh, he finds a purpose to his life: win the love of his high-school crush while rescuing his best friend and saving the world from the undead. With an undercurrent of political satire, ZTA finds itself at a moment in history where labor unions and activists are under attack... from zombies!



zombie temp agencyDelivered at a budget consistent with other profitable independent horror films, and produced and directed by a team with significant experience in building filmed entertainment. The film will have a production quality that is consistent with films costing more, but it will be delivered at very efficient costs.

We are dead certain we can execute on our plan. The elements are all in place for Zombie Temp Agency. Zombies are hot. The team is seasoned, and the film is ready for production.


John Hale has had an extremely successful career as a director, director of photography and editor. With 15 years of experience, he has an impeccable eye for lighting and cinematic story telling. His style is bold and unique and he constantly pushes the boundaries by incorporating new technologies into his projects. John has directed and DOP'd over 700 music videos, films and televisions pilots. 

John Hale is one of the founding members of Rival Film Studios.  

zombie temp agencyProducer:

Debra has worked in the film and television industry as a producer for over 15 years. In this time she has worked for TLC, LIFETIME, HGTV, FOX, Paramount Pictures and many others. She has produced several award winning feature length and short films including “Hyphen”, “The Caretaker”, “The Cask”, “Who We Are”, “Indie Girl” and “The Pickaxe Murders”. Debra is an expert at production development and has secured distribution for qualified projects. She is well known for getting the job done, regardless of circumstances. 

Debra Gutjahr is one of the founding members of Rival Film Studios in Houston Texas, Rival has produced over 200 projects including films, television pilots and music videos.  www.RivalFilmstudios.com

The script was penned by veteran MTV scribe Gabriel Leif Bellman, who graduated from USC's Cinema School with the prestigious Circulus Award before going to work at MTV in New York. In addition to writing scripts, Gabriel also has directed successful documentary films, and is the co-founder of San Francisco's Frozen Film Festival. As a television Producer, Mr. Bellman helped start the 'True Life' series at MTV, from 1997-2000. Helped produce the Emmy award winning 'Fight for the Rights' series about youth gun violence. He is the cofounder and director of the San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, and was a featured speaker at the 2009 International Film Festival Summit in Las Vegas on the future of narrative film and media. He is also a Producer of Z.T.A. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3441485/

zombie temp agencyZ.T.A.:

Written by Gabriel Leif Bellman and Erik Newton

Story by Gabriel Leif Bellman

Directed by John Hale

Produced by: Debra Gutjahr, Gabriel Leif Bellman, Greg Brock and Erik Newton


Zombie Temp Agency L.L.C. is a film company that may or may not feed on human flesh.

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